About the Historic Civil Rights Commemorations (HCRC) Task Force

What we believe

The task force sees great potential in continuing to develop interactive local history models for community engagement in collaboration with local government. Such models provide the space and mechanism for community participants to reckon with history, engage in difficult conversations about how that history impacts the present, and allows authentic connections to emerge.


In September, 2017 Mayor Pam Hemminger charged the Historic Civil Rights Commemorations (HCRC) Task Force with the creation of a timeline that identifies people, places and events “significant in the town’s Civil Rights struggle so that they may be commemorated in historical context by the Town, including the sit-in at the Colonial Drugstore and the Lincoln High Students (‘Chapel Hill Nine’) whose actions ignited the integration movement in Chapel Hill.”

Notable events:

On June 13, 2018, the task force presented its work to Chapel Hill’s Town Council.

On September 5, 2018, the Chapel Hill Naming Committee submitted Harold Foster’s name for addition to the Peace and Justice Plaza

On November 7, 2018, the task force presented a recommendation to Town Council for Marker on Franklin Street commemorating the Chapel Hill Nine Opening Our Future Event

Who we are:

The task force consists of the following members, representing the listed organizations:

  • Ken Broun (Chair)--former Mayor of Chapel Hill, retired UNC professor, downtown resident
  • Nancy Oates--Chapel Hill Town Council Member
  • Donna Bell--Chapel Hill Town Council Member
  • Sally Greene-- former Town Council Member
  • James Britt—Brother of Chapel Hill Nine member, William Cureton
  • Reginald Hildebrand—UNC, Retired History Professor
  • Dianne Jackson—NAACP Board Member, Retired CHCCS Librarian
  • David Mason—Chapel Hill Nine member, OCTS Lincoln Northside Alumni President
  • Danita Mason-Hogans—Daughter of Chapel Hill Nine member, Dave Mason and Center For Documentary Studies, Duke University
  • OJ McGee—UNC Black Caucus
  • Mae McLendon—St. Paul’s AME
  • Jim Merritt—Chapel Hill Nine member, former Town Council member
  • Cecelia Moore—UNC Historian
  • Clyde Perry—Chapel Hill Nine Member
  • Megan Stanley—Jackson Center, Coordinator for Youth Leadership and Education
  • William Sturkey—UNC History Professor
  • Albert Williams—Chapel Hill Nine member, former Town of Chapel Hill firefighter
Town of Chapel Hill Staff:
  • Molly Luby, Special Projects Coordinator Chapel Hill Public Library
  • Florentine Miller, Deputy Town Manager
  • Jerry Neville, Traffic Engineering Specialist, Chapel Hill Transit