Carolyn Daniels

Graduating in the first desegregated class at Chapel Hill High School was just the beginning of Carolyn Daniels' lifetime of devotion to racial equity in education. After spending the beginning of her high school career at the all-Black Lincoln High School, Ms. Daniels and her classmates were transferred to Chapel Hill High School in the fall of 1966, her senior year. She witnessed a difference in educational opportunity and expectations for African American students that inspired her to become an educator. In her retirement, Ms. Daniels has continued this commitment to equity through her volunteer work with the local NAACP. She has also sat on the steering committee for the Lincoln High School/Chapel Hill High School Joint Alumni Association Service Awards.

Carolyn Daniels describes how desegrating Chapel Hill schools worked:

Ms. Daniels on the impact of the Vickers case on local desegregation efforts:

Ms. Daniels describes her equity work:

Interviews conducted by Danita Mason-Hogans at Chapel Hill Public Library, 2019