Clem Self

Clem Self remembers her experiences during the Civil Rights Movement in Chapel Hill: Ms. Self on her current service work:

Rashii Purefoy

Ms. Rashii Purefoy on her work with the Ebone Soul Strutters:

Vernelle Jones

Ms. Vernelle Jones describes her experiences with Lincoln High School: Ms. Jones discusses a favorite teacher at Lincoln: Ms. Jones on the impact of desegregation: Ms. Jones on her work with the Social Interest Civic Group:

Virginia Davis

Virginia Davis has fond memories of her time at OCTS and Lincoln High School. She was a very active student, and participated in the softball team as well as the majorettes. One of her clearest memories of OCTS was when the dentist would visit the school. “When the dentist would come over, and you had teeth that had to be …

Vivian Foushee

Ms. Foushee discusses her work on Public Housing: Interview conducted by Danita Mason-Hogans at Chapel Hill Public Library, 2018.

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Lillie Perry Atwater

Lillie Perry Atwater started a lifetime of service when she was just in the ninth grade. After finishing her school day at Lincoln High School, the young Chapel Hillian would start her part-time job at Memorial Hospital. She graduated in 1958 and worked to put herself through nursing school, continuing a passion for community health that has lasted up to …