Voices: CJ Suitt

Voices is a new occasional series on Re/Collecting Chapel Hill featuring local people telling their own stories in their own voices.

Elizabeth Cotten

In this episode we dive into Chapel Hill’s musical history, starting with one of its most beloved artists, Elizabeth Cotten.

What Comes Next

In August, 2018 student activists toppled UNC’s confederate monument, Silent Sam. In our final part of our 3-part series exploring the history of the statue, we dig into the question: what comes after Silent Sam? This episode was written and produced by Klaus Mayr, Molly Luby, and Danita Mason-Hogans. Editing by Klaus and Molly. Mixing by Ryan Chamberlain. With thanks …

James Cates

In this episode, we share the story of James Cates. James was born and raised in Chapel Hill. In 1970, when he was just 22-years-old, he was murdered on UNC campus.

An Old Argument

What was the meaning of the American Civil War? And why are we still arguing over this some 150 years later? In this, the first of our 3-part series on Silent Sam, we explore the purpose of confederate monuments and their impact on the African American community in Chapel Hill.

Mayor of Franklin Street

Learn how two men devoted their lives to making our public spaces more open and accessbile for all of us…and how one man tried to stop such work from ever happening.

Remembering Our Dead

In this episode, we explore the ways that cemeteries act as memorials and markers. How do Chapel Hill’s cemeteries help us remember the people who came before us? How have they obscured the past? Join us and our special tour guide, local historian Ernest Dollar, as we walk through four Chapel Hill burial sites.

Young, Gifted and Black

In June, 2019 we honored the lives of two Chapel Hillians whose names were added to the Peace and Justice Plaza marker in downtown Chapel Hill.

Holy Week Fast

Learn how this one spot in Chapel Hill became the place for people to practice free speech and their right to assemble.